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Dragonroot Radio

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July 16 – Akki Mackay, organizer of Montreal Against Misogyny talks about program aimed  to end gender-based oppression


June 18 – Talk with a local montreal artist, Harpy, about gentrification + a chat with fun Toronto Illustator

 June 11 – Report from Stella, Pink Bloc, PolitiQ and Alliance Féministe Solidaire pour les Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Sexe, from the solidarity rally for the decriminalization of sex work

June 4 –  Judith Butler received an honorary degree from McGill (Institute for gender sexuality and feminist studies) and shares her thoughts on how language and gender collide.


May 28 – Part 2 of interview with Gina Csanyi-Robah, executive director of the Toronto director of  Roma community center + Montreal-based STELLA’s initiatives

May 21 – Interview with Gina Csanyi-Robah, executive director of the Toronto director of  Roma community center + Dafina, founder of future Montreal community center Romani Bay

May 14 – Part 2 on Special theme about the Roma community in Eastern Europe before and after the transition from Communism, with political sciences professor Frank Zsigó + Interview with a STELLA sex worker.

May 7 – Part 1 on Special theme on the pledge of the Roma community in Hungary and Roma women specific issues here and there, with political sciences Professor from Budapest, Frank Zsigó from Zsigmond Király College.


April 30 – Safe and Secure Space : Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie Magazine + Action Program for defense of all women

April 23 – Gender Queer at Vav Gallery from Concordia University, student-run exhibition space + preview of Suzanne Khardalian upcoming film  “Grandma’s Tatoos”

April 16 – Naima Shalhoub, Oakland based soul-singer, musician, songstress and cultural advocate + interview with performance artist Serena Zaf, activist interested in work in solidarity with indigenous people and gentrification in Victoria, BC

April 9 – Recording from Chez Doris, a drop-in day center, Candice from CKUT talk to the women about precarious work, sexual assault and under the table work

April 2 –  Our Virginity’s Serious : discussion about virginity + Megan Masterson, author of McGill’s Daily “The 22-year-old virgin” speaks to Dragonroot about Virginity


March 26 – Interview with Detroit-based hip-hop artist, educator and activist Invincible + special content brought by women of PINAY on workshop “Systemic Discrimination of Migrant Women Workers” 

March 19 –  Clips on the 2110 centre’s workshop on Gender and Environmental racism – Maya of Missing Justice talks about the inseparable issues of environment, race and gender

March 12 – Celerating the March 8th international Women’s Day with Women Of Diverse Origins and Missing Justice, reporting on the march where 500 people took to the streets

Raissa Paes, editor-in-chief and founder of Yiara Magazine chats with Dragonroot about independent feminist media

Halloween Special: Tiffany Harrington explores cultural representations in Halloween costumes. She speaks with Jessica from McGill’s Indigenous student Alliance, Kiel from Brown University. PLUS a special Spooky-word performed by Tiffany Harrington

Men Who like Feminism: A chat with Colin and Dan from Queen’s University. They tell us about their group Men Who Like Feminism!

Plan Nord: Alicia from Missing Justice chats about the panel on indigenous women’s resistance to Plan Nord

Sisters and Spirit March and Vigil: March for missing and murdered indigenous women


Dragonroot Radio, Digging through the archives:


Current Affairs

Pussy Riot: Emely from letsstartapussyriot.wordpress.com and Sebastien Lavoie

Lucy Anacleto chats with Dragonroot about Human Trafficking


Solidarity Across Borders: Collective member Sarita speaks about the relationship between gender and the immigration and refugee system in Canada


Reproductive Rights: Speeches and interviews from reproductive rights rally in Ottawa on April 25 in response to motion 312

MayDay Special: Guiliana Fumagali live in studio to talk about women in the labour movement and labour activism


Women in Politics: Quebec MPs talk about female representation in Politics and representatives from UN Women talk about Women and Development!

International Womens Day: Shyam Patel talks about why he actively identifies as a feminist and Molly Swain discusses Indigenous Women’s history


Sexual Assault Show: Mike from Concordia’s Centre 2110, Julie from Carleton University, and Kate from McGill’s SACOMMS talk about their battles for successful sexual assault centres


 Gabrielle Bouchard from Concordia University speak on the feminist perspective of the recent threat of tuition hikes in Quebec.


Ellen Gabriel and Chad Diabo talking about Feb 14ths March for Missing and Murdered Indigenous women


  Shriya from McGill students for Vday talking about the Vagina monologues


Julie Michaud talking about the Sexual Assault Centre Campaign at Concordia University  (jan 24 2012)


Missing Justice: Interview with Monica van Schaik      (jan 10 2012)


Image by: abcposters.wordpress.comMontreal Massacre 22 Years Later: Interview with Elana Bloomfield from the Sexual Assault Centre of McGillStudent Society (SACOMSS) (dec 6 2011)


Dam It! and Trans Advocacy: Interview with Gabrielle Bouchard from the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy (dec 13 2011)


  Sex Ratio and Bride Trafficking in India: Report by Rose Mary Whalley (dec 20 2011)



CKLN: Our sister station in Toronto have their license revoked! We talk with Carmel Wolfson, former feminist programmer on CKLN

Tami Starlight chats with Dragonroot about her whirlwind tour on decolonization and anti-oppression!

Frosh from a Feminist perspective

Cameryn Moore chats with Dragonroot on her new play Phone whore

Menstrual Tales: Centre 2110’s Reproductive Justice League gathers to chat about, well, their periods. Tune in to hear these amazing stories!

Feminism + Art show: Interview with local Montreal street artist Harpy

Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue from the Feminist Art Gallery in Toronto

Prisoner Correspondence Project: Interview with Cee about the support project for gay, queer, and trans prisoners


Femme Toxic: Interns Andrea and Haley from FemmeToxic talk about the dangers of cosmetic products.


Prison Justice: Interviews with members of Life After Life, a Montreal collective run by those who self-identify  as girls, women, or gender non-conforming, working to support people coming out of punitive state institutions.


Women in the Rock+Hardcore scene: a discussion with Isabella Mancini + Heather Hardie and Jennifer Duffin from Rock Camp for Girls!


Rose Marie Walley had the opportunity to talk with a remarkable women named Maureen. Maureen works in correctional services of canada with women who are incarcerated


Zines! Don’t know what they are? Well Dr Elizabeth Groeneveld, Andrea deBruijn and Amber Dearest will tell you a bit about it!


  Kalmunity Live Organic Improv performance with dubpoet D’bi Young (dec 6 2011)


Live Performance

Interview and performance with musician Zara Ahmed 


Interview with Haitian/Montreal Musican Sika as well as Dolores from International Womens


Spoken Word poem ’22’ performed by Montreal’s Miss DNA at Kalmunity Live Organic Improv (dec 6 2011)



Interview with Lady Katalyst! (jan 10, 2012)


Singer, songwriter a k u a talking about making it as a young artist and feminism

                                                a k u a performing live in studio at ckut (Jan 17 2012)

  Tessa interview talking about her latest album and the story behind it                 (jan 24 2012)

                              Tessa Kautzman live performance on ckut


  Little Scream talking about the Montreal music scene and her journey here, as well as a live performance



Masculinity Series:


 Moheb Soliman & Ben Godin discuss concepts & consequences of ‘masculinity’