Volunteer on a Campaign

Organizing with others for social change is an amazing way to contribute to struggles for justice. All of the campaigns and action groups of the Centre for Gender Advocacy consist of regular (weekly or every two weeks) meetings where volunteers and staff talk about the issues that they’re working on, discuss what their campaign goals are and decide together what strategies they want to use to achieve those goals. Because strategies are decided on together they’re largely driven by what types of activities volunteers are interested in.

Are you an awesome graphic designer who wants to put those skills to good use? Campaigns are always in need of posters, flyers and social media images.

Do you wish you were better at talking about the issues you care about with other people? As a campaign volunteer you can learn to facilitate workshops that will prepare you to have conversations about systems of oppression and the struggles against them.

Being a campaign organizer is a great way to learn new skills, build your confidence and make friends who care about the same issues you do.

You don’t need to be an expert on an issue in order to join a campaign. All that’s needed is a willingness to learn and a commitment to work with a team in the struggle for justice. To find out more or to know the date of the next meeting that you want to attend, email programming@genderadvocacy.org.