“Campus Organizing:Contemporary Currents”|”Luttes étudiantes : les tendances

Title: “Campus Organizing:Contemporary Currents”/”Luttes étudiantes : les tendances
Location: 2149 Mackay St. (below Sherbrooke)
Description: The Rad School and the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy present:

Campus Organizing: Contemporary Currents
Panel Discussion and Q&A

Max Silverman (Labour organizing, AMUSE – McGill)
Sabine Friesinger (Post FTAA-era, Concordia)
Véronique Martineau (2005 student strike, ASSÉ)

7:00 PM Tuesday November 18th
2149 Mackay St.
Concordia University

A bilingual panel of student organizers, including Sabine Friesinger
(former Concordia Student Union President), Max Silverman (Association
of McGill Undergraduate Student Employees – AMUSE), and Véronique
Martineau (a member of l’Association pour une Solidarité Syndicale
Étudiante, ASSÉ), will share their experiences, shedding light on the
specific challenges and strategies of on-campus organizing, highlighting links to community organizing and the role of student movements within larger social justice struggles.

Moderated by Indu Vashist of QPIRG McGill

**Followed by an open forum for questions, comments and strategy-sharing**

+ The Rad School: Resources for resistance! Workshops are free, bilingual and open to anyone working for social justice. For more info:

L’École Radicale et le Centre 2110 for Gender Advocacy présentent :

Luttes étudiantes : les tendances actuelles
Rencontre-débat et discussion

Max Silverman (organisation du travail, AMUSE – McGill)
Sabine Friesinger (l’ère post-ZLEA, Concordia)
Véronique Martineau (La grêve étudiante de 2005, ASSÉ)

Mardi, 18 novembre à 19h00
2149 rue Mackay
Université Concordia
(métro Guy-Concordia)

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“Clearly Marked” – S. Bear Bergman

Title: “Clearly Marked” – S. Bear Bergman
Location: EV 1.605,”York Amphiteatre”, EV building, 1515 Ste. Catherine Ouest,
Link out: Click here
Description: The Union for Gender Empowerment along with QPIRG Concordia, Centre 2110,
WSSA Concordia, Queer McGill, & Queer Concordia, present


–queer theatre artist, writer, educator, and instigator–

performing “Clearly Marked”

November 10th, 8pm

in EV 1.605, “York Amphiteatre,” EV building, 1515 Ste. Catherine Ouest,
Concordia University

[this event is wheelchair accessible]

free or pay-what-you-can.


giving a lecture entitled “Sing If You’re Glad To Be Trans”

November 11th, time and place TBA

also free or pay-what-you-can.

[from the website, about “Clearly Marked”]

Labels are so sticky, so opaque, so inconvenient at some moments and such a blessed relief at others. But what happens when labels get larger than the person they describe? What happens when they start intersecting, being incomplete or unclear, taking precedence when you’d rather they didn’t? What happens when other people label you in ways that don’t quite make sense? When you want to be a part of two different communities, and neither
community wants you to wear the other label and theirs at the same time?

*Clearly Marked* is a hilarious, high-impact, thought-provoking theater piece that peels back the layers of the labels we all wear and digs in to what’s underneath. As Bergman’s signature warm and accessible storytelling begins to unfold on the stage, lines between categories start to blur and old labels start to have new lives. Also unique is the loving examination of Jewish tradition and community which Bergman – an observant Jew – brings to
the stage. In the revelation of a lifetime’s worth of Bergman’s accumulated identities, *Clearly Marked* opens up a place for anyone to be more complicated than the label ze wears on top, and questions the society that demands we wear so few.

Fearless as ever, with *Clearly Marked* Bergman grapples with religion, body image, gender, sexuality, and the perennial bathroom problem – not to mention life as the Little Jewish Ambassador, how gender is like a highway, being a fat kid, strategic lesbianism, gay marriage, and how to explain it all to your Aunt Petunia in a way that doesn’t completely freak her out.

No matter what label you wear when you arrive, *Clearly Marked* will send you home feeling both different from *and* connected to everyone around you – and you’ll like the feeling.

[from the website, about “Sing If You’re Glad to Be Trans”]

While the difficult narratives of trans life are valid and deserve our attention, is it not perhaps enough with the all-misery-all-the-time tranny channel? Being trans is not a reason for pity, scorn, shame, or apology.
This lecture celebrates trans bodies, communities, awareness, sex, love,
particular talents, successes and self-creation with a faultless logic and
good humor that may just make you appreciate transfolks (or being trans) in
a whole new way.
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2008-11-10

Volunteer Information session

Title: Volunteer Information session
Location: 2110 Mackay

****Join us for a volunteer information session, Monday November 10th at
6pm at the 2110 Centre for Gender advocacy. 2110 Mackay street (just below
Sherbrooke) annex v-01****

Ever wondered what it means to do gender advocacy? Wanna learn more about
the Centre, our mandate and programming? Looking to meet new people and
participate in collective organizing? Interested in getting involved in
the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy?

Learn more about the Volunteer Program:

* join the outreach committee
* help with our radical library
* help with translation work
* help with information tables and public education
* help with solidarity ID production days
* join the programming committee
* join the peer-to-peer support and advocacy program
* help with on-going campaigns

The General Volunteer Program:
The Centre is always accepting new volunteers and asks for a minimum
monthly time commitment of 4 hours. We have a monthly volunteer
appreciation movie night, regular info sessions, and training sessions. If
you are looking to get involved in the daily running of the Centre, or
help out with special projects call 848-2424 x 7431 and ask to speak to a

The Volunteer Peer-to-peer Support and Advocacy Program:
As a peer-to-peer support and advocacy volunteer, you will have the
opportunity to provide peer support, information and referrals in person
and over the phone. We train our peer-to-peer volunteers throughout the
year. If you are interested in becoming a member of peer-to-peer support
and advocacy team and can make a 9 month commitment, call 848-2424 x 7431
or email

For more information about the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy volunteer
program contact devon at or call 514.848.2424 x

***refreshments will be provided***

Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2008-11-10
End Time: 20:00