Statement on bomb threat that targeted Muslim students at Concordia University

""The Centre for Gender Advocacy strongly condemns the March 1st, 2017 bomb threat that directly targeted the Muslim students of Concordia University. We stand in solidarity with Muslim communities.

This bomb threat is a result of Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism, which remain rooted in Quebec and the rest of Canada. Islamophobia is not recent, nor is it perpetuated solely by fringe individuals and hate-groups, but also by government policies and rhetoric which have especially been prevalent after 9/11. Islamophobic discourse during the proposed 2013 Charter of Values, among other bills, was already creating a hostile environment for Muslims and racialized communities in Quebec. The rhetoric around hijabs and niqabs during the 2015 federal election also demonstrated that Islamophobia and xenophobia are not isolated to Quebec, nor are they
the result of merely one political party.

We, at the Centre for Gender Advocacy, remain committed to our mandate to provide a safer and inclusive space for all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or religion. To uphold our mandate, we stand firmly against all forms of discrimination, including Islamophobia.

Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism are not welcome at the Centre for Gender Advocacy, nor should they ever be tolerated by any institution.

Call for Zine Submissions: Intersectionality & Sexual Violence

(français ci-dessous)

Call for Zine Submissions: Intersectionality & Sexual Violence
Deadline: Tues, Feb 28, 11:59pm

Zine making can be a powerful tool for education and healing, enabling us to express our inner emotions in a creative way. Join us in creating a collective zine that will center the voices of survivors/victims of sexual violence through an intersectional perspective!

Through this zine, we wish to to highlight the intersections of people’s lives such as race, socioeconomic status, (dis)ability, gender, sexual orientation, and social class, centering the voices of those most vulnerable to sexual violence. Recognizing that the voices most often heard in discussions of sexual violence are those of white heterosexual cis women, we wish to create a zine that reflects the lives of survivors/victims who rarely have the platform to share their stories. This includes Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, trans people, sex workers, those affected by poverty and homelessness, people living with (dis)abilities, gender nonconforming people, and non-status people.

While we are based out of Concordia University, we recognize that sexual violence occurs in many different contexts other than university campuses.

We welcome submissions such as short stories, poems, drawings, photography, and other forms of art.

We will accept submissions in French, English and other languages. For submissions in other languages, please include additional information such as the context and themes discussed.

We will accept zine submissions until Tues, Feb 28 at 11:59pm. To make a submission, email Please include a brief bio.


Appel de soumissions pour un zine intersectionnel sur la violence sexuelle

Faire un « zine » peut être un outil puissant d’éducation et de guérison, nous permettant d’exprimer de façon créative nos sentiments. Rejoignez-nous dans la création d’un zine collectif centré sur les voix des victimes/survivant.e.s de violence sexuelle à travers une perspective intersectionnelle!

Par ce zine, nous souhaitons souligner les intersections d’expériences vécues telles que la race, le statut socio-économique, le handicap, le genre, et l’orientation sexuelle, afin de recentrer les voix de celles et ceux qui sont les plus vulnérables à la violence sexuelle. Reconnaissant que les voix des femmes cis hétéros blanches sont souvent privilégiées, nous souhaitons créer un zine qui reflétera davantage la vie des victimes/survivant.e.s qui ont rarement la chance d’avoir une plateforme où elles peuvent partager leurs histoires. Ceci inclut les personnes Noir.e.s, les Autochtones, les personnes racisées, les femmes trans, les travailleuses du sexe, celles et ceux affecté.e.s par la pauvreté et les sans-abri, les personnes non-conforme au genre et les personnes sans statut.

Bien que nous soyons basé.e.s à Concordia nous reconnaissons que la violence sexuelle a lieu dans plusieurs contextes autres que les campus universitaires.

Nous acceptons des soumission en forme de textes, poèmes, photographies, dessins, etc. Elles peuvent être en français, en anglais, ou dans d’autres langues. Pour les soumissions qui ne sont pas en français ou en anglais, nous vous demandons d’inclure des informations pour indiquer le contexte et le contenu de la soumission.

PHOTOS: Feb. 14/17 Flashmob & Dinner to Honour Lives of Missing & Murdered Women

This Valentine’s Day, Montrealers honoured the lives and memories of women and two-spirit people lost to gendered and racialized violence through a flashmob and community dinner. Through this action, we commemorated women of all backgrounds, giving emphasis to Indigenous women who are the disproportionate targets of this systemic violence.

Speakers and performers:
• Odaya
• Buffalo Hat Singers
• Travelling Spirit
• Viviane Michel, Quebec Native Women (MC)
• Chelsea Obo, Missing Justice (MC)
• Jean Stevenson (opening and closing prayers)
• Nakuset, Native Women’s Shelter
• Nguyễn Nam Chi, Missing Justice
• Agnes Calgo, PINAY
• Marie-Josée Tremblay
• Coline Bellefleur, Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association

Thanks to Ion Etxebarria for taking these beautiful pictures!