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Job Posting: Action Coordinator (Programming Lead and Campaigns Coordination)


The Centre for Gender Advocacy is committed to employment equity as an ongoing process. Women, Indigenous peoples, members of racialized groups, people with disabilities, and members of other historically marginalized communities are encouraged to apply. When candidates do not differ significantly in merit, and one such candidate belongs to a historically marginalized group, Employment Equity requires that the member in this group will be selected.

About the Centre for Gender Advocacy:
The Centre for Gender Advocacy (the Centre) is an independent, student-funded, Concordia University organization, mandated to promoting gender equality and empowerment particularly as it relates to marginalized communities. This mandate is achieved through ongoing programming, campaigns, resources, services, advocacy and a commitment to accessibility.

The Centre for Gender Advocacy recently underwent an accessibility audit. We are currently working on implementing the recommendations arising from the audit.

The Action Coordinator will work at the office located at 1500 de Maisonneuve W, Unit 404 (there is a second office at 2110 Mackay). There is a ramp outside leading to the front door, however most wheelchair users find it to be too steep to use (10.8% grade). Since we share the floor with a business, we have not been able to successfully create gender-neutral washrooms even temporarily during events. Space users are of course welcome to use whichever washroom they want, but we realize this is not the same as having washrooms that are actually gender-neutral.

For more accessibility information about the space, visit:

Contract Duration: This is a one year contract with a 3-month probation period

Deadline for applications: July 31, 2017 at 5pm

Start date: August 21st, 2017

Salary: $19.27/hr for 25 hrs/week as well as 4 weeks of paid vacation and
 health benefits after the 3 month probation period.

This position is a job-share with the Action Coordinator (Programming Support) who will work 15hrs/week.

Key Responsibilities:

-Take a lead in planning and organizing the Centre’s programming, beginning with the city-wide March for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women on October 4th. Other programming may include talks, workshops, event series, and public actions.
-Check-in on a regular basis with Action Coordinator (Programming Support) to ensure the smooth operation of the Centre’s programming
-Work closely with the Outreach Coordinator, volunteers and other staff to ensure that events are well promoted
-Attend all campaigns meetings and facilitate volunteer involvement. Promote forward motion within each campaign
-Coordinate volunteers to help with logistical tasks
-Organize volunteer appreciation events

Required skills and qualities:

-Able to work well both independently and collaboratively in a non-hierarchical, feminist, anti-racist environment.
-Experience with community organizing, especially relating to feminism, anti-racism and Indigenous solidarity.
-Experience with managing and working within a budget
-General computer skills and familiarity with various social media platforms.
-Excellent English writing and verbal communication skills
-Media experience
-Public speaking experience
-Self-motivated, resourceful, and organized with excellent time management skills
-Able to thrive in a fast-paced environment
-Highly organized
-An active sense of humour!


-Familiarity with the Centre for Gender Advocacy and its priorities, principles, and activities
-Familiarity with Concordia University (including groups, people, and locations)
-Spoken and written French
-Flexibility with hours
-Ability to multi-task
-A creative mind

Read the full job description here.

*Please send a cover letter and CV, along with two references (names and contact info will do) with “Action Coordinator Application” in the subject line to: by July 31, 2017. Cover letters can be addressed to the Hiring Committee. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Interviews will take place the second week of August.

Justice for girls and young women killed in the “Hogar Seguro” Tragedy in Guatemala

On March 18th, the Centre for Gender Advocacy sponsored a commemoration to honour and demand justice for 43 girls and young women who were killed in a fire in the “Hogar Seguro” Tragedy in Guatemala. Below is a video from the action (in Spanish, but there will soon be subtitles in English and French), as well as the solidarity statement written by participants.

[english below / français ci-dessous]

Montreal, Quebec

20 de Marzo de 2017

Encuentro 18 de Marzo en conmemoración de las niñas y adolescentes desaparecidas el 8 de Marzo, Día International de la Mujer, en Guatemala.

Aquí en la comunidad de Montreal estamos en solidaridad con las niñas y adolescentes asesinadas en el ¨Hogar Seguro¨ Virgen de la Asunción en Guatemala. Estamos de luto con ustedes, y también exigimos justicia de parte de las autoridades guatemaltecas, y la denuncia inmediata de la Comunidad Internacional.

El estado de Guatemala conocía la violencia a la que estaban siendo sometidas las niñas, a el abuso emocional y físico y sexual, conocían el horror en que vivían, y no hizo nada.

Las quemaron, y siguen sin hacer nada. Pero nosotrxs estamos acá, y no nos vamos a callar.

Nos unimos en una sola voz para denunciar a todo un sistema violento desde el albergue hasta el Estado represor, hasta los organismos internacionales: Que su silencio es complicidad.

Es importante recordar sus vidas que fueron arrebatadas muy pronto, en el día de la mujer ni mas ni menos, y recordar su vida es también recordar su lucha, su reinvindicación, y que este caso es uno entre muchos, y esta violencia y violación de los derechos humanos y específicamente a niñas y mujeres, es sintomática y continua. Nuestra lucha esta unida con la suya, y su justicia con la nuestra.

No es un caso aislado, y no podemos callarnos ni permitir que esta violencia siga impune.

Vivas nos queremos, libres nos queremos. En amor y rabia y solidaridad con ustedes y con todas.


Montreal, Quebec

March 20, 2017

Commemoration on March 18 to demand justice for the girls and adolescents disappeared on March 8, International Women’s Day, in Guatemala.

In Montreal, we are in solidarity with the girls and adolescents killed in the Virgen de la Asunción “Safe House” in Guatemala. We are in mourning with you and demand justice from Guatemalan authorities. We also call on the international community to denounce this violence.

The Guatemalan state knew of the violence that the girls were being subjected to, including the emotional, physical and sexual abuse. The Guatemalan state knew the horror they were living and did nothing.

They were burned and the state continues to do nothing. But, we are here and we are not going to be silent.

We unite in one voice to denounce the whole violent system, from the shelter to the repressive state, to the international organizations whose silence is complicity.

It’s important to remember the lives that were taken too soon, on International Women’s Day no less. To remember their lives is also to remember their struggle, their assertion of their rights, and that this struggle is one among many. This violence and violation of human rights, specifically of girls and women, is a symptom and continues. Our struggle is united with yours and your justice with ours.

This is not an isolated case and we can’t be silent, nor allow impunity for this violence.

Vivas nos queremos, libres nos queremos. En amor y rabia y solidaridad con ustedes y con todas.


Montréal, Quebec

21 mars 2017

Rencontre du 18 mars en commémoration des filles et adolescentes disparues le 8 mars, Journée internationale des femmes, au Guatemala.

Ici, la communauté de Montréal, nous sommes en solidarité avec les filles et adolescentes assassinées dans le « foyer sécuritaire » Virgen de la Asunción au Guatemala. Nous sommes en deuil avec vous et nous exigeons aussi justice de la part des autorités guatémaltèques, et la dénonciation immédiate de la communauté internationale.

L’État guatémaltèque connaissait la violence à laquelle les filles étaient soumises, l’abus émotionnel, physique et sexuel, il connaissait l’horreur dans lequel elles vivaient, et il n’a rien fait.

Ils les ont brûlées, et ils continuent à ne rien faire. Mais nous, nous sommes ici, et nous n’allons pas nous taire.

Nous nous unissons en une seule voix pour dénoncer tout un système de violence depuis le centre d’hébergement jusqu’à l’État oppresseur, en passant par les organisations internationales : votre silence est de la complicité.

C’est important de rappeler leurs vies emportées trop tôt, pendant la journée de la femme particulièrement. Se rappeler leurs vies est aussi se rappeler leurs luttes, leurs revendications, et que ce cas est un parmi tant d’autres, cette violence et cette violation des droits humains, particulièrement des femmes et des filles, est systématique et continue. Notre lutte est unie à la vôtre, et votre justice à la nôtre.

Ce n’est pas un cas isolé et nous ne pouvons pas nous taire ni permettre que celle violence reste impunie.

Vivas nos queremos, libres nos queremos. En amor y rabia y solidaridad con ustedes y con todas.

Call for Zine Submissions: Intersectionality & Sexual Violence

(français ci-dessous)

Call for Zine Submissions: Intersectionality & Sexual Violence
Deadline: Tues, Feb 28, 11:59pm

Zine making can be a powerful tool for education and healing, enabling us to express our inner emotions in a creative way. Join us in creating a collective zine that will center the voices of survivors/victims of sexual violence through an intersectional perspective!

Through this zine, we wish to to highlight the intersections of people’s lives such as race, socioeconomic status, (dis)ability, gender, sexual orientation, and social class, centering the voices of those most vulnerable to sexual violence. Recognizing that the voices most often heard in discussions of sexual violence are those of white heterosexual cis women, we wish to create a zine that reflects the lives of survivors/victims who rarely have the platform to share their stories. This includes Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, trans people, sex workers, those affected by poverty and homelessness, people living with (dis)abilities, gender nonconforming people, and non-status people.

While we are based out of Concordia University, we recognize that sexual violence occurs in many different contexts other than university campuses.

We welcome submissions such as short stories, poems, drawings, photography, and other forms of art.

We will accept submissions in French, English and other languages. For submissions in other languages, please include additional information such as the context and themes discussed.

We will accept zine submissions until Tues, Feb 28 at 11:59pm. To make a submission, email Please include a brief bio.


Appel de soumissions pour un zine intersectionnel sur la violence sexuelle

Faire un « zine » peut être un outil puissant d’éducation et de guérison, nous permettant d’exprimer de façon créative nos sentiments. Rejoignez-nous dans la création d’un zine collectif centré sur les voix des victimes/survivant.e.s de violence sexuelle à travers une perspective intersectionnelle!

Par ce zine, nous souhaitons souligner les intersections d’expériences vécues telles que la race, le statut socio-économique, le handicap, le genre, et l’orientation sexuelle, afin de recentrer les voix de celles et ceux qui sont les plus vulnérables à la violence sexuelle. Reconnaissant que les voix des femmes cis hétéros blanches sont souvent privilégiées, nous souhaitons créer un zine qui reflétera davantage la vie des victimes/survivant.e.s qui ont rarement la chance d’avoir une plateforme où elles peuvent partager leurs histoires. Ceci inclut les personnes Noir.e.s, les Autochtones, les personnes racisées, les femmes trans, les travailleuses du sexe, celles et ceux affecté.e.s par la pauvreté et les sans-abri, les personnes non-conforme au genre et les personnes sans statut.

Bien que nous soyons basé.e.s à Concordia nous reconnaissons que la violence sexuelle a lieu dans plusieurs contextes autres que les campus universitaires.

Nous acceptons des soumission en forme de textes, poèmes, photographies, dessins, etc. Elles peuvent être en français, en anglais, ou dans d’autres langues. Pour les soumissions qui ne sont pas en français ou en anglais, nous vous demandons d’inclure des informations pour indiquer le contexte et le contenu de la soumission.