The Centre for Gender Advocacy has 2 offices:

2110 Mackay Street

The office at 2110 Mackay is located on the ground floor. There is a ramp outside leading to the front door that is suitable for use with wheelchairs and other mobility aids, however the front door itself is not automated. The front door is 31” / 78 cm and it is the narrowest door in the office. Please ring the doorbell located to the right of the door to have someone open it for you. Once inside, the space is wheelchair accessible.

There is a large gender-neutral washroom measuring 9’5” x 6’11” / 2.87 m x 2.10 m with 2 grab bars next to the toilet (one behind, one to the right of the toilet).

2100 Guy Street, suite 205

This office is wheelchair accessible but the accessible entrance is just around the corner at 1625 de Maisonneuve West. The Guy Street entrance is not accessible.

The entrance on de Maisonneuve is step-free. The outside door is automatic. Once inside you can buzz our office by dialing 0205 to have the inside doors opened or you. There is an elevator to get to the 2nd floor where the office is located. The office door is not automated and quite heavy. Our office number is 514-937-2110 if you require assistance.

The office has an accessible gender-neutral washroom with a grab bar.

More detailed information will be added soon!


The closest parking space designated as an accessible parking space – meaning that you must have the blue and white parking permit with the symbol of a person in a wheelchair issued by the SAAQ – is located on the east side of Mackay Street between de Maisonneuve and Sainte-Catherine. It is parking space C607.

Here is a list of other parking spaces in the downtown that are reserved for people who have the blue-and-white parking permit.

People who have the disabled parking permit (and sticker) are permitted to park in no-parking zones and parking zones reserved for residents for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Centre for Gender Advocacy Events

We are committed to hosting our off-site events in venues that are wheelchair accessible.

Signed Interpretation

We can organize ASL or LSQ interpretation when notified in advance.

Financial Accessibility

All of our events are free. Donations are welcome.

We do not currently offer metro or bus tickets on a consistent basis, but we can provide them upon request, and can help to subsidize adapted transportation to and from our space and our events.