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Lana Elinor Galbraith

Shayna Hadley

Katharine Hall is a librarian at Concordia Libraries and has been volunteering in the Centre’s library helping catalogue books and zines since 2012. Her formal education background includes biochemistry, women’s studies and library and information sciences. Prior to her life in Montreal, she spent her time living and working on a farm in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley and will happily start talking about apples at the drop of a hat. Fun Katharine facts: she hates writing writing autobiographies, but loves puppets.

Nguyễn Nam Chi

EK Pallotto is a recent graduate from the Simone de Beauvoir Institute of Women’s Studies at Concordia University. They served on the board in 2012-13 and are happy to be on the board again! They have been volunteering with the Centre on different campaigns and projects for three years and they have a strong love for feminism and community organizations.

Jayna Patel

Inori Roy-Khan

Rana Salah

Gift Tshuma

Rose Marie Whalley  is from the UK but has lived in Montreal since 1971. She worked as a teacher in adult education programmes. In addition, she has been active in the struggle for rights for women, anti-racist groups  and peace groups. She has also been a community radio programmer for many years.


Gabrielle Bouchard
Trans Advocate and Public Educator
514-848-2424 x7431

After trying to be subversive in the corporate world for more than 15 years, Gabrielle started a major in Women’s Studies and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute in 2009. A former skydiver and avid unicorn lover, she now gets her excitement from coordinating the Peer Support and Trans Advocacy Program.

Ishani Ghosh
Administrative Coordinator
514-848-2424 x7431

Stacey Gomez
Action Coordinator

Stacey’s work has included political advocacy to challenge harmful Canadian policies in Latin America, solidarity with mining-impacted communities, and providing peer support to survivors of sexual violence. Stacey is passionate about building inclusive social movements, as well as dancing, learning and exploring the interconnections between Turtle Island and Abya Yala.

Jada Joseph
Peer Support Training and Drop-in Co-coordinator

Julie Michaud
Outreach Coordinator
514-848-2424 x7431