In Memory of Abby Lippman

Photo of Abby Lippman holding placard.

Abby Lippman (photo by Chris Hand)

Our dear friend and colleague, Abby Lippman, died this week at the age of 78. She was an indefatigable defender of women’s health, social justice activist and mentor. She was a professor emerita in epidemiology at McGill and the president of the Centre for Gender Advocacy’s Board of Directors from 2013 to this past spring.

The Centre’s staff and board members are mostly under the age of 30, but none of us knew anyone who worked as hard or had as much energy as Abby. She was a force of nature. She not only fulfilled her board duties with drive and thoroughness, but at any given time she was also hard at work with a number of other organizations and causes including the Fédération du Québec pour le planning des naissances, the Canadian Women’s Health Network, the Réseau Québécois d’action pour la santé des femmes, Independent Jewish Voices, Head & Hands, and many more.

As board president, Abby cheered us on in our work, was always ready to listen and troubleshoot when we ran into difficulties, and helped welcome new board members and staff into the fold. We really relied on Abby, and running things without her has been a big adjustment.

Abby always said she loved working with young people and the feeling was definitely mutual. She mentored so many of us in our education and activism and she did all of this with so much joy and kindness and humour.

We’ll miss you Abby.

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