Job Posting: Mapping Project Coordinator

The Centre for Gender Advocacy is committed to employment equity as an ongoing process. Women, Indigenous peoples, members of racialized groups, people with disabilities, and members of other historically marginalized communities are encouraged to apply. When candidates do not differ significantly in merit, and one such candidate belongs to a historically marginalized group, Employment Equity requires that the member in this group will be selected.

The Centre for Gender Advocacy recently underwent an accessibility audit. We are currently working on implementing the recommendations arising from the audit.

The Action Coordinator will work at the office located at 1500 de Maisonneuve W, Unit 404 (there is a second office at 2110 Mackay). There is a ramp outside leading to the front door, however most wheelchair users find it to be too steep to use (10.8% grade). Since we share the floor with a business, we have not been able to successfully create gender-neutral washrooms even temporarily during events. Space users are of course welcome to use whichever washroom they want, but we realize this is not the same as having washrooms that are actually gender-neutral.

About the Centre for Gender Advocacy:
The Centre for Gender Advocacy (the Centre) is an independent, student-funded, Concordia University organization, mandated to promoting gender equality and empowerment particularly as it relates to marginalized communities. This mandate is achieved through ongoing programming, campaigns, resources, services, advocacy and a commitment to accessibility.

Job Purpose Summary: Coordinate the deployment, analysis and result sharing of Gender, Sexualities and Learning Diversity survey at Concordia. This survey has already been written; the Coordinator would be responsible for the dissemination, analysis and presentation of the survey and its results.

Key Responsibilities
• Promote participation in the survey with professors and teaching staff at Concordia
• Reach out to part time and full time faculty association for endorsement, support and participation
• Work with the promotion team to create the project image and promotion materials
• Administer and monitor the progress of the survey
• Analyze of survey results
• Prepare, promote and present final advisory report on survey results
• Create FAQ on the project results
• Reach out to media
• Keep track of budget and project hours

Required skills and qualities
• Master an understanding of the underlying issues leading to this project such as hetero/cis/neuronormativity, racism and patriarchy
• Strong knowledge of Concordia populations
• Strong links with the Concordia communities
• Research experience
• Experience with qualitative data analysis in a social science setting
• Public speaking experience
• Able to work well both independently and collaboratively in a nonhierarchical, feminist, anti-racist environment.
• Self-motivated, resourceful, and organized with excellent time management skills
• Familiarity with the Centre for Gender Advocacy, and its priorities, principles, and activities
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
• Spoken French
• An active sense of humour!

• Ability to multitask
• A creative mind
• Shared tasks
• All staff are expected to
• Self-educate around the Centre’s Mandate and Vision
• Respect their co-workers and foster a supportive environment that allows for each coordinator to carry out their jobs to the best of their abilities
• Seek feedback from other staff members, board members, and Centre volunteers on a regular basis
• Complete timesheets and staff reports regularly in a timely manner

Contract Duration: This is a temporary position with a 3-month probation period; the contract will run until the project is completed (scheduled for September 2018).

Salary and Benefits: $19.48/hr for 10-20 hours/week (flexible scheduling according to periods of more or less work). Health benefits and 4 weeks annual vacation (pro-rated to the contract length) after the 3 month probation period.

Application Deadline: Please send cover letter and CV by November 27th, 5 PM to 
hiring[at] with “Mapping Coordinator Application” in the subject line. Cover letters can be addressed to the Hiring Committee.

Expected Start Date: December 8, 2017 (negotiable)

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