Trans* people in Quebec need your help!

gofundme_trans1.In Quebec, Canada, trans*1 people must publish their name change AND address in a newspaper.

2.The government of Quebec publishes all sex and name changes in its official gazette.

3.In order to have a gender marker (M or F on official pieces of identification) change in Quebec, a person must undergo forced sterilization, which means either a vaginoplasty or a full hysterectomy. There is no other way to be recognized in Quebec!

4.Trans* youth are forced to live through high school with the wrong gender marker and face higher risks of suicide, bullying and discrimination.

5. Trans* immigrants who intend to make Quebec their home are refused a gender marker change until they obtain Canadian citizenship.

We want to change all of this, and need your support to do so! Your donation will fund the court case and human rights complaints that we are undertaking.

It’s important to note that this structural discrimination takes place in a province whose government still funds and promotes a gender clinic that provides therapy very similar to the “conversion therapy” offered by radical groups.

We do have a lawyer who has volunteered to take our case pro bono but we will still have to pay for administrative fees.

As for the human right cases, three trans* people have offered to challenge these injustices by sharing their personal stories and will incur travel and lodging costs during this process. They’re putting their lives on the line for this by outing themselves very publicly, so we want to ensure that they don’t also have to bear the financial burden of taking this brave stand.

We sincerely appreciate any and all donations you can make! By helping fund this case we can work toward a world where everyone’s gender identity will be respected and trans* people won’t have to live in fear and humiliation.

You’ll be helping to change people’s lives in a very direct way!

1Trans* written with an asterisk indicates a broad conception of trans-ness. It is not limited to transsexuals or transgender persons, but also includes everyone whose gender identity does not match the one assigned at birth.

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