An Introduction to Gender Advocacy and Organizing

*Unless otherwise noted, events will be taking place at 2110 Mackay St.


1PM-7PM Open House:  We’ ll be around to answer questions and show you around the space! There will  be lots of delicious food!

7PM Film Screening:  Stick around for a 7pm screening of“ Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition, Torture and Disappearances in the ‘War on Terror” (27 min)


2PM Trans One-Oh-What?:  The Trans Health Network is a collaborative project of several community organizations working to increase access to healthcare and other resources for trans positivity. This event will also introduce you to trans community work in Montreal.

5PM A Discussion with Wade Rathke (ACORN):  1590 Dr Penfield, Samuel Bronfman Building. A talk and discussion with ACORN (Community Organizations for Reform Now) founder Wade Rathke. The organization has been at the forefront of grassroots organizing in working class and poor communities for over 40 years. Brought o you by the Rad School, 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy and the School of Community and Public Affairs (Concordia University)


2-5PM Mobilizing the Power of Community:  2001 St-Laurent (Native Friendship Centre)  The 2110 Centre and Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (Missing Justice) invite you to a community engagement workshop by the Native Women’s Association of Canada designed to educate participants on the Sisters in Spirit innitiative and to inform individuals and communities on ways to take action and raise awareness about the alarmingly high rates of violence against Aboriginal girls and women in Canada. (Lunch will be served at 1 PM, please RSVP in advance: lflorez@nwac-hq.org)

7PM Wine and Cheese & Vernissage for A Nation´s Legacy of Severance photographic works


2PM Comics Comics Comics!:  Explore the writing, drawing, self-publishing and distribution of radical comics.

6PM SID Card workshop:  The solidarity ID project works to highlight discrepancies between official papers and personal identification. This workshop will bring those issue to light and highlight ways in which we can work towards change.


2 PM Peer Support and Advocacy info session:  Learn about the peer-to-peer support program  at the Centre and find out about volunteer opportunities.

5:30PM It’s Never Your Fault: An Introduction to Sexual Assault Awareness:  This workshop is designed to provide a basic understanding of sexual assault, including consent and personal boundaries, this workshop will include discussion and activities exploring the right of people to define their own experiences. It will delve into why consent can be so complicated , the importance of communicating your comfort levels, and what resources are available within Montreal for survivors.

10 PM Spelunking PARTY@ the DECADENT SQUALOR (3627 Notre Dame Ouest Lionel Groulx metro)
Come out to a party to benefit the SID card project (workshop on 17th). Wear your cave-exploration gear cause you never know what will fall from the ceiling of how you’ll get out of difficult places. Featuring local DJs. Come ready to dance and have  some fun!


12-6PM Zine Fair Share: Come meet and share with local zine-makers and scour the shelves of the zines of the 2110 library. Order a reprint of any of our zines. Make your own collage.

B-Dating Begins! Come by the new and improved 2110 library during our zine fair to get to know all the new books and choose one of its amazing reads. Read it within the week, and return in a week to share your book with others in a fun and speedy fashion.


3PM Scavenger Hunt:  A radical scavenger hunt around Concordia’s downtown campus (with prizes and surPRIZES!). Bring a friend, or 3! Rendez-vous@2110 Mackay. Co-organized with QPIRG Concordia.

5PM Creating Media Workshop:  Learn to create media independently, as well as how to make corporate media accessible to the public’s needs. Come by and learn how to structure an article, write a press release, or ask any questions you may have. Open to everybody!


11-2PM Tabling Fair:  At Concordia’s outdoor mezzanine behind the Hall building. come by our table and learn about all kinds of other campus and community groups.(Organized by QPIRG Concordia, for more information: www.qpirconcordia.org)


3PM (Sharp!) TRANStory bike tour This bike tour will take you to different spots around Montreal that are (or have been) important to the trans community, and will talk about the past and present struggles that trans people face, focusing on the struggles of the more marginalized members of the community.


6PM B-Dating! the actual event!

Now that you´ve aquainted yourself with one of the many rad books at the 2110, come back with it for speed book dating·· amongst other literary heros! Share the book you´ve just read & get to know many others!··don´t be intimidated, there is no actual dating pressure!


3PM Abortion Access Teach-IN!: The Reproductive Autonomy Campaign presents a teach-in on the state of access to abortion within Canada and Quebec, and the current attack on reproductive rights.


5:30PM Kings and Queens and Criminal Queers:  A workshop and discussion charting the ways in which queer and gender nonconforming communities continue to be criminalized.  The workshop outlines the legal status of queerness historically, and the implications that these histories have for us as queers and trans people today.  An overview of projects and organizations that intervene on this process of criminalization will be given, and we will discuss strategies for responding.

7pm – 9pm “Sidetracks”silkprinting team orientation: at Ste Emilie Skillshare@3942 Ste Emilie  (metro st henri) :   The “Side-Tracks” Silkscreen Printing Team is a *new* project to support the Ste-Émilie Skillshare and other community groups in Montreal through print making in the spirit of revolution and anti-oppression!!!


4-7PM Placard and Banner Making: Join us in fun preparation at the 2110 center for the March and Vigil for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women on October the 4th


4 PM Missing Justice Panel: De Seve Cinema, Concordia University, JW.McConnell Building (Library), local LB-125, 1400 de Maisonneuve West.   This discussion will confront the complex issues that contribute to the ongoing threat posed to Indigenous women living in Canada. Speakers include Laurie Odjick (Kitigan Zibi), Melanie Morrison (Kahnawake), Kary Ann Deer (Projet Autochtone du Québec), Prof. Yasmin Jiwani (Concordia University) & Craig Benjamin (Amnesty International). Presented by Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. For more information, go to: genderadvocacy.org/missingjustice/


6PM March and Vigil for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (Cabot Square: St Catherine & Atwater). This annual Sisters in Spirit March and Vigil is a cross country event to raise awareness and promote respect for missing and murdered native women and girls in Canada. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Bring a candle, and a friend!

***Childcare is available for all events with 48 hours notice

***The 2110 Centre is a wheelchair accessible space

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