• Job Posting: Administrative CoordinatorJob Posting: Administrative Coordinator

    Employment Equity: People with disabilities, women, Indigenous peoples, members of racialized groups and members of other historically marginalized communities are encouraged to apply. When candidates do not differ significantly in merit, and one such candidate belongs to a historically underrepresented group, Employment Equity requires that the member in this group will be selected. Please indicate […]

  • Fall Semester Opt-out InfoFall Semester Opt-out Info

    The Centre for Gender Advocacy is a student funded organization. You have the right to opt out of the fee levy for the Centre. Before opting out, please consider that for only ¢37 per credit (for undergraduate students) or ¢50 per semester (for graduate students), the Centre provides : • a feminist library with over […]

  • AUDIO: Revolutionary Mothering & Birth Work as Care Work: Featuring Mai'a Williams & Alana ApfelAUDIO: Revolutionary Mothering & Birth Work as Care Work: Featuring Mai’a Williams & Alana Apfel

    Audio from book talk with author of Birth Work as Care Work Alana Apfel and co-editor of Revolutionary Mothering Mai’a Williams on May 26, 2016. **Biographies** Alana Apfel was born in the United States and raised in the UK. She holds graduate degrees in anthropology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and the University […]

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  • Spill: A Story Circle Ceremony led by Alexis Gumb & Rachel Zellars is happening tomorrow...and this baby knows it.

@H-763 Hall Building, Concordia University at 6PM.
  • This Wed. Nov 9 @18h at H-763, Hall Building, Concordia University. 
Spill: A Story Circle Ceremony led by Alexis Pauline Gumbs & Rachel Zellars
  • Come pick up some stickers designed by The Kahnawake Youth Forum at our location! Let us know where you post them by using the hashtag #KYFdecolonize #CulturalAppropriation #NotYourCostume
  • #KYFdecolonize
  • Thanks to Leroi Newbold, Robyn Maynard, RJ Pate and Sophia Shrane for this  powerful Discussion: Organizing Around Anti-Black Racism
  • Check out our different events of Another Word for Gender! 
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